Posted by: themossreports | December 14, 2009

Dieter Hager Passes Away

I have been informed that E. Dieter Hager, MD, PhD, founder and medical director of the Biomed Klinik, Bad Bergzabern, Germany passed away yesterday. Dieter had been sick for a long time and so I guess I knew that this was inevitable. I still find it hard to comprehend and accept that he is gone! He was among my best friends in Germany and I will miss him very much. My condolences to his family and to the entire staff of Biomed. I will have more to say about his life and achievements in my newsletter (



  1. What did Dr. Erich Dieter Hager, MD, PhD., die from?

  2. Why not just say he died from Cancer???

  3. To Bruno. Why the insensitivity? Dr Moss’ response was as it should be. Correct and appropriate.

  4. time to be born and time to die gracefully, let’s remind ourselves the mortality date is predestinated and so occupied here with value to others. Cancer terrain etilogy is primarily cause by unintentional prolonged cellular dehydration. Should look into water/solvent paradigm and shift from the present solid paradigm if we want to help more survivors in cancer patients.

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