Posted by: themossreports | May 14, 2010

Modified Citrus Pectin Advances

This week brought a major advance in understanding the effects of modified citrus pectin (MCP) on cancer cells. Scientists at Columbia University published a paper showing that MCP stops the growth of prostate cancer (PC) cells in the test tube. Most significantly this effect was seen in both hormone-dependent and hormone-independent forms of the disease. There are very few treatments for hormone- independent PC, and so a report of likely benefit from a simple nutritional agent is highly significant.

Dr. Jun Yan and Dr. Aaron Katz tested two versions of MCP, PectaSol and PectaSol-C, both invented by Dr. Isaac Eliaz. In general, the new form of product outperformed the earlier version. The authors looked at apoptosis (the most prevalent form of programmed cell death) as well as at the inhibition of cell growth. A one percent solution of PectaSol-C was toxic to five cell lines. After four days of treatment, the total destruction of cancer cells ranged from 23.0 to 52.2 percent. The authors concluded that PectaSol and PectaSol-C both inhibited cell proliferation and apoptosis in prostate cancer cell lines.



  1. interested in knowing more how i can be helped

  2. How much MCP would one have to ingest in order to have a 1% solution in the blood? And would a 2% or 3% solution be even more effective.

  3. The final sentence of the report on MCP could be interpeted to mean that MCP was found to inhibit apoptosis of cancer cells — as well as inhibiting cell proliferation. I believe it should say that MCP inhibits cell proliferation and PROMOTES apoptosis.

    I would appreciate knowing if this study suggests the use of any product — containing MCP — that is currently availabe.

    Thank you.

  4. Where you you even get MCP. My husband has prostate cancer. I tried Whole Foods but they don’t carry it.


      Allergy Research carries MCP in powder form as well as capsules. The powder gels so must be mixed in liquid and taken quickly. I’ve been taking it for about three years, since I had a breast lump that subsequently disappeared.

      • If noone has answered your question you can purchase the modified citrus pectin at

  5. Do a google search on Pectasol-C and you will see a number of providers. It has to be ordered onlne. Off the top of my head, I think had highly competitive prices, although there are a number of web providers. [ I am a full-time researcher and have no connection to any suppliers].

    If you have active prostate cancer, Dr. Eliaz recommends 15 grams a day (in divided doses). He has his own web site (do a google search) which gives more detailed advice. Unfortunately one does need this high dose level if you have prostate cancer — from my own research in this area.

    The second easy and effective thing to add is at least 50 mg [ideally more] of a high-lignan-level ground flaxseed. This can be done inexpensively. Be sure the lignan content of the flaxseed is explicitly claimed on the product. It is the lignans in the flaxseed that are doing the heavy lifting, not the flaxseed alone. If Dr. Moss permits, I can put my own email here since our research institute does not charge fees for any information, and we have a protocol on the flaxseed [again, no commericial connections in any way]. I would be happy to forward it which summarizes the research to the peer-reviewed medical literature and which itemizes a muffin recipe we developed that lets you bake it right into the muffins, following Canadian research in this respect. We are at which is a small independent research group so don’t expect an instant response whatsoever — there are just researchers here, no administrative or commercial support staff [we don’t sell anything].

    With 35 years of research myself, particularly in cancer research, I can say that Dr. Eliaz is well-respected, not one of the quick-buck artists that are sometimes so prevalent. So the Pectasol-C product is well-regarded by us, although I use the Pectasol (the other product) at much lower levels for prevention. Best wishes.

    • Have you read Dr. Myers’ “manifesto” on flax seed oil? Even with high lignans he claims this is detrimental in treatment against prostate cancer.

  6. First, flaxseed oil is totally different from the flaxseed since the lignans are in the husk and are not found in the oil. So high-lignans flaxseed oil is an oxymoron. That is, the oil has been “spiked” with lignans. As for flaxseed oil itself as such, I did not recommend the oil at all. On the other hand, evidence-driven medical results indicates that the flaxseed was positively instrumental for prostate cancer as well as breast cancer — for example the small trial done at Duke University. Let me quote research from one of the Duke researchers:

    “Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Ph.D., a researcher in Duke’s School of Nursing, continues to turn up evidence that flaxseed — not flax oil — inhibits growth of prostate cancer. Flaxseed is an edible seed that is rich in fiber-related compounds known as lignans. According to the latest study by Dr. Demark-Wahnefried, it is effective in halting prostate tumor growth. She and her team found that the seed, which is widely sold in food stores and supermarkets and included in specialty breads and cereals, may be able to interrupt the chain of events that leads cells to divide irregularly and become cancerous. She says, “Our previous studies in animals and in humans had shown a correlation between flaxseed supplementation and slowed tumor growth, but the participants in those studies had taken flaxseed in conjunction with a low-fat diet,” Wendy Demark-Wahnefried said. “For this study, we demonstrated that it is flaxseed that primarily offers the protective benefit.”

    The researchers presented their results on Saturday, June 2, at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, in Chicago. The multisite study, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health, also involved researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    The researchers examined the effects of flaxseed supplementation on men who were scheduled to undergo prostatectomy — surgery for the treatment of prostate cancer. The men took 30 grams of flaxseed daily for an average of 30 days prior to surgery. Once the men’s tumors were removed, the researchers looked at tumor cells under a microscope, and were able to determine how quickly the cancer cells had multiplied.

    Men taking flaxseed, either alone or in conjunction with a low-fat diet, were compared to men assigned to just a low-fat diet, as well as to men in a control group, who did not alter or supplement their daily diet. Men in both of the flaxseed groups had the slowest rate of tumor growth,” Demark-Wahnefried said. Each group was made up of about 40 participants.

    Study participants took the flaxseed in a ground form because flaxseed in its whole form has an undigestible seed coat, she said. Participants elected to mix it in drinks or sprinkle it on food, such as yogurt.

    “The results showed that the men who took just flaxseed as well as those who took flaxseed combined with a low-fat diet did the best, indicating that it is the flaxseed which is making the difference,” Demark-Wahnefried said

    I’m back now — The reason for confusion may be that what we have here are otherwise noted researchers not paying adequate attention, in my opinion, to the details. They are actually railing against the incorrect and hyped claims for omega-3’s in flax oil — which are reasonable criticisms on their part — and so are missing the real payoff. By the way, they are hyper about the flaxseed promoting crowd … and perhaps there is such a hype … I have not really seen this … but we need to stay focused on good research outcomes, which is what our non-profit research institute tries to do. We don’t sell flaxseed and do not have our finger in the till. I buy mine from Swanson off the web but not their brand, just one they carry, since the price is right and we have reviewed their lignan content. I have seen the same product in the grocery store [close to the very same price]. So I present this information strictly in hopes that it might help — I certainly take 2 tablespoons per day — the rubber does meet the road. PS — I hope Dr. Moss will tolerate this long reply for the sake of clarity about this research issue. If so, thanks Dr. Moss for your service to the community.

  7. Stopped taking BC Specs last January and began taking Pectasol C , 5 grams, three times a day.
    In spite of this my PSA is rising rather quickly. Am exercising, walk 2 miles each day, eat lots of fruit and drink at least 6 cups of Japanes Sencha green tea each day.
    With BC Specs I had a testosterone level of a 7 year old so I wonder if stopping the BC Specs has allowed the hormone levels to rise. I suspect that Pectasol C affects prostate cancer in a different way. Any suggestions>

  8. I’m interested in why so many men have a rising PSA after treatment. Something like 1/3 of the men who have surgery or radiation have a rising PSA.
    They tell you your that a couple of months after your operation your PSA is “undetectable”. Then they tell you that they did in fact detect it and attach a number to your case. In mine, it was .02. It continued to trend upward very slowly. SOmetimes it goes down but never for very long.
    My PSA is around 2.00 now almost ten years since my surgery. I’ve tried a lot of supplements including mushrooms, vitamin C, omega 3s, green tea extract, dry vitamin E, vitamin B12, zinc, herbs (Equiguard), lycopene, saw palmetto, and a dozen other things.
    I’ve learned that the prostate is not a clearly defined organ so some PSA producing cells are often left behind after treatment. I also learned that even healthy prostate cells continue to proliferate throughout a man’s life. These facts mean that any residual colony will continue to grow and produce more PSA. I am also told that there is basically a threshold velocity in cancer which is .75 per year. A rising PSA below that number is likely not cancer. I hope this is true.
    There are a lot of unknowns to navigate.

  9. We have developd a protocol for prostate cancer with at least two levels — one level if your PSA is low and not rising [but you had prostate cancer diagnosed] and one if your PSA continues to rise. The Protocol comes from a non-profit research group, the Therapeutics Research Institute (TRI). As the Senior Research Scientist here, I need to update it and refine it over the next week. It has favorably impacted quite a number of men. There are no fees, no charges, we sell nothing, and have no “in” with any producer or distributor of any kind. Once i get the updated version, I will re-post to the site and people can just email me if they wish and I will in turn email them the Protocol. We do not charge for our research findings.

    What will take the longest time is that I will include all the literature we can append to support the case for each item — all of this is based on published, peer-reviewed medical literature from reputable researchers somewhere in the world.

    As for the question of why the modified citrus pectin did not help one of the patients, unambiguously we have found it is not strong enough by itself to do the job — it is NOT a PC-SPES look-alike, sorry to say. The full protocol requires a number of supplements [which I will list, give the dose amounts, and suggest where on the web you can get a likely reliable product — often one of the major suppliers like Swanson or Vitacost or Vitamin Shoppe or at a GNC store]. We have no stake in any of these — but just want you to be able to implement the Protocol in case you wished. We would like your feedback since the whole point is to provide help back and forth — but you are not required to have any contact if you do not wish.

    So, again, assuming Dr. Moss permits this interchange, I will get back with you on the updated protocol ASAP. There are many patients whom we have tracked who have halted their prostate cancer in its tracks [but only rarely if ever “eliminated” it]. This is what you likely should be shooting for.

    Finally as to why you could have surgery and the cancer comes back, the fact is that cancer is systemic and was always there. For some, their immune system took over and kept it “low” and unnoticed — but you were not given the correct information if you were told “we got it all” or that “this wil take care of it” etc.

    I hope this helps a little.

    • That is wonderful news and I look forward eagerly to receiving the protocol. And thank you in advance.

    • a prostate cancer protocol: i was diagnosed in late 03,gleason 7.. operation feb 04..undetectable 3 mos rose to .08… radiation, undetectable, now at .8… i have a protocol:
      raw food diet…no dairy(once in a while some cheese), meat, very low sugar, very little fruit(only berries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries), very liitle grains of any type……I DO EAT: BROCCOLI SPROUTS, BROCCOLI, RED CABBAGE, ARUGULA, SPINACH, WATERCRESS, AVOCADO ONION, SPROUTED TORTILLAS
      supplements:1/day pom rx pill, 10 gm/day curcumin…. from life extension: 6 caps/day megasilymarin, 6 caps/day gamma E tocopherol/tocotrienols, 60 mg lycopene,…… 4gm Zone omega/rx epa/dha concentrate, 3 gms/day muscadine grape skin powder(muscadine naturals), on and off modified citrus pectin C (dr eliaz), 3gm ester vit c
      been trying to reduce weight via calorie restriction diet….am at 175..5’10…want to go to 160
      on and off i add fresh squeezed juice to diet consisting of the above mentioned vegetables
      i hope this helps u too as a real life protocol….any feedback would be greatly appreciated

      on a

    • I am interested in your upcoming “protocol.” I agree that Pectosal C, by itself,
      is not strong enough. Did you know that the inventor of MCP has another product which sounds like something you may be working on: it’s called “ProstaCaid” and is available on the ecoNugenics website. He’s literally thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this product which is expensive, unless, of course it works. I happen to be taking many or almost all of the ingredients in the formula. To be truthful, I really don’t know whether I would be in the same situation now (still with the disease) or worse had I not been taking the stuff. Problem is that while a lot of substances work well in the test tube, or even with rats, they are not effective once in our bodies!

  10. i forgot to add that i also meditate at least 1hr or more a day

  11. sorry for being so scattered but i was in a real hurry

    • I think that my integrative doctor is really good, Dr. Pamela Yee in New York City. She recommended 5000 IU of D3, 5000 mg of B12 (methylcobalimum), 25 mg of zinc, and 6 caps of Equiguard an herbal formula similar to PC SPES which was taken off the market some years ago. Food for thought.

  12. PLEASE….waiting for the prostate cancer protocol from steven evans….HOW CAN U BE CONTACTED AND R U POSTING IT ON THIS SITE OR SOMEWHERE ELSE…..THANK U

  13. This response is particularly directed toward Elliot Davis who has indicated on Dr. Moss blog an interest in our protocol. Elliot, email me at and I will forward a copy via email. The Protocol items are on one page — the other 59 pages provide the scientific underpinings for the choices. I know it is dense reading, but a good protocol will have detailed support from the peer-reviewed medical literature.

    Your suggestions you posted were alright to a modest degree, but with all due respect, they were a bit scattershot. Still, far better than nothing of course, and I can see you have made serious efforts to comb the literature. See what you think after I send a copy of our efforts — it is without fees and there are no “proprietary” products … just research outcomes.

    If Mr. Jonah Bekerman, Richard Smith, and Robert Ross care to email me [] I would be happy to forward a copy to them too. TRI has no charges and sells no products.

    Stepping back regarding the blog’s focus for now, it is our assessment that although Pectasol is a fine product, it will not adequately address a rising PSA in conjunction within an escalating prostate cancer picture. You will need to do a lot more with a lot more power. Pectasol is not [nor claims to be] another PC-SPES. At least part of an answer for added power might be found in our research report, so we welcome your critical assessment of it.

    As for Mr. Robert Moss’ experience with Equiguard, this product is a mixture of 9 herbals, specifically extracts from epimedium herb, morinda root, dodder seed, malaytea sourpea fruit, glossy privet fruit, milkvetch root, palmleaf raspberry fruit, Cherokee rose fruit, and Chinese mognoliavine fruit. It has been compared by its makers to the old product PC-SPES in hopes it could capture the market that PC-SPES enjoyed. All the evidence so far is from test tube results. They do indicate already that at least some of the mechanisms of action are different than PC-SPES. There is to date no clinical information. Hence we cannot add any further insights to this Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formulation. As only a modest student of TCM, I do not think it is in the same league as PC-SPES. It might possibly be an adjunct to a more fully developed strategy. In that sense, this observation applies to Pectasol-C too.

    I hope this is helpful.
    Steven Evans
    Senior Research Scientist
    Therapeutics Research Institute

  14. Hi Mr. Steven Evans
    Your expertise and your generous offer are very welcome indeed. You imply that PC-SPES might be the best option for a rising PSA, better then Pectasol or Equiguard. I would like to know how effective was PC-SPES, how much actual research was done on it, if the original formula has ever been made public, and what that formula was exactly?

    • Robert,
      You pose many good questions. I will try to answer them although the total history of PC-SPES would be too extensive to post. At the onset, Dr. Sophie Chen, a respected researcher, her brother John Chen, and Allan Wang created the product based, they said, on an old traditional Chinese medicine approach which was in their possession. An earlier version, they said, was handed down by Dr. Wang’s great-grandfather who was a court physician. Our group became aware of it around 1999 or 2000 when some of our collaborative researchers began using it and clients’ feedback was coming into us of its impact. With essentially a word-of-mouth campaign, I believe it had achieved at its peak something in the ballpark of perhaps a $75 million revenue stream, perhaps more, so it was clearly having a positive impact. In fact, always seeking insights, our chief medical officer, [Dr. Jerome Block who was Chief of medical oncology at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and who had been Chief of the National Cancer Institute’s Baltimore Cancer Research Institute] passed word “through our people” to their [Dr. Chen’s] people that we would host a trial at UCLA, do a fair assessment, and as is always our practice, our company would not charge them, and as such, we would be free to publish outcomes however they fell. They declined our offer. As I will relate, later trials were done and that is where some of the negative discoveries arose.

      After this trial could not be formalized, some of our collaborative researchers who were using it with excellent success with their patients obtained the patent description [easily done], and then proceeded to follow the patent to make some on their own. They gave this to their patients and it had hardly any impact. So we knew that the “official” list of ingredients was not the whole story. Still, yes it was effective for many, with the downside that in about 4% of the cases, men got blood clots which needed to be managed. They also inevitably got swollen breasts [and reduced libido]. This was a sustainable side effect for the kinds of outcomes it was providing, or so they told us.

      So the good news was that Dr. Small, I believe it was, undertook a trial at the University of California at San Francisco – and the short form of the story is that while this was all going on, other analysts detected minute amounts of coumadin [a blood thinner as you may know] Xanax, indomethacin, and DES [a type of estrogen]. Ultimately Dr. Chen pleaded guilty of one count of selling a product that was adulterated. There was about a half-million dollar fine levied, but the subsequent torrent of law suits by patients claiming harm was devastating, as I understood the situation. They were buried under this avalanche, with PC-SPES never to be reconstituted. Now many claim they are the successor to PC-SPES [we could be talking about a $100 million revenue stream in today’s dollars]. To my knowledge, there is still as yet no substitute.

      Now strictly in my limited opinion, I could see why someone might want to spike in a little coumadin — the main side effect was blood clots so this might help in that regard. The amount of DES that was found by the way was quite minimal. Hardly any that researchers believed at that point could have any impact. Still, all the legitimate researchers ran to the hills. It was declared far and wide that PC-SPES was a sham — well, even if it worked by spiking in some DES, it just says that the strictly herbal ingredient list was a partial statement. It was claimed by some that they were getting all the results by just using DES — but DES had been used in this research area and was NOT producing this kind of favorable outcome, although it would take a trial to fully assess just HOW favorable it truly was.

      The official medical world absolutely reveled in killing the alternate medicine candidate and it remains dead to this day, to my knowledge. I can say that I am aware of the progress specific individuals obtained while on it and if I had any, I would put my relatives on it if their case situation indicated. On the other hand, do note that I and others spent 1000’s of hours creating the Protocol I am happy to email to anyone who may wish whereby I think that this might be a first line of response before a PC-SPES would be needed. But still, it could have had a place, in my point of view, for some patients.

      What is most unfortunate is that someone did not just take the original 8 herbals, add in some DES, a pinch of coumadin, etc. and then run with it — this would be an actual drug and so would have to go through FDA trials which would cost tens or hundreds of millions, on the other hand. As a total side note, our Protocol discusses the peer-reviewed medical literature about coumadin, notes its potential usefulness at least in preventing metastasis, and then identifies a strictly legal, over-the-counter supplement that should deliver the payoff that coumadin has [reduction of metastasis]. So PC-SPES might have had a variety of virtues, some they may not have even known of.

      As a summary, let me note Robert that I do not think we will see the real deal for a replacement in the next long while. Dr. Chen may be working with some firms [she is allowed to do this but I believe is not allowed to manufacture anything as part of the settlement, to the best of my recall ]. If I learn of anything, I will be happy to post any information we get.

      One more thing — this “history” is as I learned it and in some small way, experienced as an interested researcher as it unfolded and/or unraveled. There may be modifications that others could add that would clarify the matter better. This is just my rendition as the events unfolded. I personally feel dismay and sadness for Dr. Sophie Chen, her brother, and Dr. Wang since I think they had wanted to serve mankind in a positive way.

      I hope this answers your questions.

  15. Certainly an interesting history. Thanks for sharing what you know of it.

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