Posted by: themossreports | October 14, 2010

Dr. Eliaz Responds to Blog Questions

There have been many comments and questions about the BreastDefend nutritional formula. I therefore asked the developer of the product, Isaac Eliaz, MD, to look at and respond to these. His comprehensive answer can now be found at my blog. The address is



  1. i am currently living with breast cancer HER2 bone mets and am taking xeloda, herceptin, and zometa on a 3 and 6 week schedule. i am an american living in australia, and even tho feel extremely fortunate to have health coverage here (not at home in the states), would love to get off these trtmnts. that said, are there contra-effects with BD and above-mentioned drugs?

  2. I have a relative, who , has Breast Cancer, stage1,She is on a nutitional and herbal program , taking Dr. Eliaz’s Pectasol .
    She refused to take Femara, because the side effects.
    She feels very well, after 12 months, and her tumor markers
    are much lower.

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