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Sound Waves Can Kill Cancer

ERRATUM: In a previous version of this blog I stated that only Dr. X. Wang of Guangzhou had published his results using this method. This was incorrect. Dr. Julian Kenyon has also published his results in a paper titled “Activated Cancer Therapy Using Light and Ultrasound….” It appeared in Current Drug Therapy (reference below). You will not find this article in PubMed (which was the source of my error) but it is searchable through another scientific search engine, Dr. Kenyon informs me that he also has another article on the topic due out next year. My apologies to Dr. Kenyon for this omission of his work.


Ultrasound waves can be used to kill cancer cells. The treatment, called sonodynamic therapy, first requires application of a drug called a sonosensitizer, which preferentially accumulates in cancer cells. Physicians can then activate this drug by applying ultrasound and thereby killing the malignancy.

Last month, Japanese scientists announced discovery of a new sonosensitizer, a derivative of Rose Bengal dye. It is said to be ten times more active than ordinary Rose Bengal. But sonodynamic therapy has been around for years. In  2008, I visited mainland China to investigate this treatment and wound up coauthoring a paper on its effects with Dr. X. Wang of Guangzhou. The treatment is also offered at the Dove clinic in England, the Hope4Cancer Institute in Mexico and the Indiana Center for Advanced Medicine in Indianapolis, usually in conjunction with the older technique of photodynamic therapy, which is the use of light and light-activated drugs in cancer.

(Important note: mention of any doctor or clinic in this blog does not constitute an endorsement on my part. It is simply given for informational purposes.)

The costs for this sort of treatment can be considerable. Nonetheless, the field continues to develop, and there are now almost 100 articles in PubMed on this new treatment idea. It is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


Kenyon JN, Fulle RJ, Lewis TJ. Activated cancer therapy using light and ultrasound: A case series of sonodynamic, photodynamic therapy in 115 patients over 4 years. Current Drug Therapy. 2009;4(3): 179-193.

Sugita N, Iwase Y, Yumita N, Ikeda T, Umemura S. Sonodynamically induced cell damage using rose bengal derivative. Anticancer Res. 2010;30(9):3361-3366.

Wang X, Zhang W, Xu Z, Luo Y, Mitchell D, Moss RW. Sonodynamic and photodynamic therapy in advanced breast carcinoma: a report of 3 cases. Integr Cancer Ther. 2009;8(3):283-287.



  1. How about more details. These were lab experiments, in animals, in people, etc?

    • I have just returned from Guangzhou, China (I live in New Zealand) where I was treated by Dr. Wang and his team for stage IV breast cancer. I received the sonodynamic and photodynamic therapy (SPDT) along with other treatments such as ozone therapy, Chinese medicine, and low dose chemo (they watch toxicity levels so that patients experience no or minimal side effects. Per Dr. Wang, the low dose chemo makes the SPDT 4 times more effective). I was treated for 3 months and am happy to say the following active cancer was cleared (5cm tumour in right breast, spots on lower chest wall, lymph system (nodes in both arm pits, nodes in right side of body, and pelvis region), L1 and L4 vertebrae, and uterine zone. I had a small spot left on an area between the chest wall and skin which was treated by injecting radio seeds into the area. This is meant to eradicate the remaining cancer. This are amazing results and I am very pleased. I refused the ‘conventional’ treatment that was offered to me here in New Zealand (full mastectomy, lymph node dissection, chemo, radiation). The non-invasive, non-toxic, advanced, targeted treatment that Dr. Wang provided felt like the right way to go for me. Treatment leading up to this included a healthy diet and supplements, colour therapy (radio wave treatment), qigong and other mind-body practices. I can say with my hand on my heart that Dr. Wang and his team are some of the most caring doctors I have ever experienced. I advise anyone considering conventional treatment to first contact Dr. Wang’s assistant Lucy Li at with any questions. Most patients arrive after all conventional treatments have failed and their doctors have said there is nothing more they can do. My mission is to get this word out so that people don’t have to suffer the consequences of conventional treatment before discovering Dr. Wang. This should be the first port of call!
      Cheers to our heath!
      Tricia Spence

      • Tricia,

        Thanks for the response. Yours is certainly an amazing testimonial. Are you able to indicate the order of magnitude of the cost for your 3 months of treatment? I assume it was out of pocket, but perhaps in New Zealand insurance partially covers such treatment. Medicare in the U.S. does not cover Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy or herbal treatments. I am taking such treatments along with a relatively non-toxic standard drug for CLL. My tumor load is shrinking, thankfully…but so is my checking account.

        Do you have a sense after 3 months with Dr. Wang how many different kinds of cancer are treated with his sonic based treatment? The sound waves are targeted at specific areas where it is known tumors exist?

        I am listed on Facebook as TSvi Howard Epstein. If you are also on Facebook, I would appreciate a message from you so that I could get by email more details about your treatment than may be appropriate for posting here.

      • Hi TSvi, I have added you as a friend on face book, so feel free to contact me with more questions.. We can exchange personal email addresses there so that I can send you more documentation.

        However I thought I would provide a bit more information in case there are others on here that are interested.

        What is so fascinating about how these doctors approach treatment is that they cater specifically to each patient and design a treatment protocol with the intention of getting the best results possible for you. Therefore, cost will vary depending on the patient and the extent of the cancer. My treatment included 4 rounds (each round two weeks of treatment, 1 week off) at a cost of approx. $20,000(US$) per round. With SPDT accounting for approx. $14,000 (US$) of this figure. This does not include travel costs and cost of living. Cost of living is very cheap. My room cost $30 a day and food is very cheap.

        During my stay there were patients being treated for colon, rectal, prostate, throat, and lung cancer. Many patients had metastasis into the bone, brain, liver, etc. However, the best way to find out if Dr. Wang can treat you is to contact Lucy directly and provide your details. She is very helpful and will respond quickly to any inquiries you have.

        The SPDT (sono& photo dynamic therapy) involved ingesting a photosensitiser (green drops under the tongue) which are selectively absorbed by the cancer cells. The photodynamic treatment involved lying on a light bed where high intensity infrared light penetrates through all areas of the skin destroying cancer cells. The penetration only goes as deep as the red wavelengths allow. This is why the sonodynamic (ultrasound) therapy is used to treat cancer deep inside the body. This ultrasound treatment involved soaking in a large spa/bath tub where ultrasound waves penetrate through the water in to your entire body. Part of the machine that sits above the tub and is then lowered just below the surface of the water can be moved to focus on specific areas of the body. Treatment lasts for approx. 30 min on the light bed and 40 min in the ultrasound tub. For the two week treatment regime, I was doing SPDT 3 days each week, total of 6 days during the two week period. Ozone treatment is administered on days of SPDT to increase it’s effect.

        Hope this answers your questions.
        Chat soon on facebook.

  2. I don’t understand why there is no mention of Mr. Royal Rife and his frequency cancer treatment which has been around since the 1930’s and is still in use today.

    • Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was curing all major diseases, especially cancer, when Dr. Morris Fishbein, president of the AMA, destroyed him along with Dr. Harry Hoxsey and many others. Dr. Moss should be familiar with that kind of politics, especially when researching Laetrile (B17).

      I so appreciate the information the Dr. Ralph Moss provides, but in my practice, I see many cures with ozone, detoxing, vegan diets, coffee enemas and many other alternative methods that our AMA and FDA will not allow. I see HIV & Hep C , drug free, become non-detectable while those on their drugs go into cirrhosis and kidney problems. I use many supplements that actually enhance the effectiveness of chemo & radiation so that the cancer cells don’t hide or heal themselves via glutathione. But, this is not allowed in conventional medicine because they are not drugs that bring in millions of dollars.

      Operation Cure.All was set up in 1997 by the FDA & FTC and has since put over 500 people in prison, including my dear friend, Greg Caton, for making Harry Hoxsey escrotics that I wittness, everyday, curing skin cancer and various other cancers.

      I wittnessed first hand a treatment for diabetes that would allow a diabetic to live a normal life for 3 years, and Mylan Labs destroyed all the research for cutting into their profits. Our world is controlled by the drug companies and the billions upon billions spent on finding the one way to cure cancer, they don’t spend any monies on how to prevent cancer. That would cut into the profits of the Food, Dairy and Meat Corporations.

      Like Vaccines with Thimerisol…we have created austic kids and I watched a telethon raising money to help these kids. The drug companies making vaccines that have a shameful past, prepetuating the SV 40 through the polio vaccine, have destroyed these children’s lives and now we, the people, are suppose to donate to helping them get help!

      My doctorate is in Holistic Nutrition, but I’ve spent over 30 years researching why people get cancer. Prior to that I was a treatment nurse, medical transcriber and grew up in the first bioanalytical labs in the state of California that my father created. We will never find a cure for cancer because that would put too many people out of business.

    • Yes, me too. I was looking for comments re Royal Rife. His equipment has been treating cancer and many other things with ultasound therapy.

    • There’s a difference between electro-magnetic frequencies (Rife) and audio frequencies as espoused here.

  3. I have the same question about the Rife machine. My husband was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme in February and,on his own, found NovoCure TTF which uses magnetic fields to interfere with the DNA of cancer cells . . . apparently the same principle as the Rife machine. But none of our doctors had heard of NovoCure OR the Rife machine and most aren’t too enthusiastic, to say the least. They push chemotherapy, and say there are so many experimental therapies out there that it’s impossible to keep up. Anyone else with this experience? Anyone out there using a Rife machine? We are interested in finding one. . .

  4. As always, Dr. Moss provides insights into cutting edge tools for cancer that are typically unavailable in most oncologists’ tool kit. This is the researcher writing who previously promised an updated Protocol from the Therapeutics Research Institute (TRI), a non-profit research institute — we have no commercial products, we provide no-fee consultation, and we work to provide useful information to the public. Just to assure you there is no flim-flam happening. As Senior Research Scientist for TRI, I have completed the protocol promised and you may email me [if Dr. Moss will allow it] if you wish an emailed copy. The protocol [in 3 stages, depending on your cancer situation] is summarized on one page — but the other 59 pages provide the research support for the recommendations.

    Do not be alarmed or overwhelmed with the material. Without the back-up evidence, it would just be a whimsical set of recommendations. I think it is imperative you understand the basis for the Protocol. Everything recommended can be purchased on the web, and I identify for you always at least one source — the least cost one we can find that provides known quality. It is usually Swanson but sometimes vitacost, etc. It doesn’t matter to us since we have no financial stake in it — ours is an information service. We also invite Dr. Moss to review it if he might wish [or even pre-review it to validate there is nothing inappropriate within it]. In any case, since I had promised to post it, I am doing so. You may obtain a copy by emailing me at my email address — it is imperative you put in the subject line “Dr. Ralph Moss Blog” since otherwise it is overwhelmingly likely I will not open it and treat it as spam.

    • Dear Mr. Evans,
      Can you please help me with understanding what exactly will work for my rebuilding of my Immune system after Surgery/Chemo/radiation. Please email me back at the above address to get the specifics.
      Best regards!

    • Dear Mr. Evans,

      You mention a protocol that you offer to email. Please be more specific. This is a protocol for what and for whom? And please more about what TRI is…is there a web site?

  5. I asked for this protocol and received it. It says it is for prostate cancer. I haven’t opened it since I don’t have prostate cancer.

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