Posted by: themossreports | November 1, 2010

A visit to Colin Campbell

On Friday I drove to Ithaca, NY, to hear a lecture by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, the retired Cornell University professor and author of The China Study. Afterwards we had dinner at his house overlooking Lake Cayuga. I am investigating his theory that a low-fat vegan diet is highly protective against cancer. I am particularly interested in his findings on milk/dairy and cancer incidence. To be sure, I haven’t made up my mind on this yet. But I certainly admire the man for his commitment to improving the health of humanity. During his lecture he played a film clip of President Clinton being interviewed recently by Wolf Blitzer of CNN. In it, Clinton pays homage to Campbell and credits him and his colleagues with not only his weight loss but also with greatly improved health. It was impressive.



  1. It’s worth considering Peter D’Adamo’s body of research on blood type and diet interactions too. The effects of a vegan diet may well vary by genotype, from harmful to beneficial. One size fits all models are risky.

    • Blood type diets seem well worth considering. I wonder if there are any studies on this subject.

    • WHAT RESEARCH? There are no references in D’Adamo’s book siting scientific studies on his premise that different blood types need different diets. This is a nice theory, and could be a powerful guideline for some to make positive changes, but testimonials are not scientific studies that prove anything.

  2. Some other folks have looked at the China Study data. A good discussion is at:


    “A woman named Denise Minger recently published a series of posts on the China study. She looked up the raw data and applied statistics to it. It’s the most thorough review of the data I’ve seen so far. She raises some points about Campbell’s interpretation of the data that are frankly disturbing.”

  3. I read the China study years ago. The main message I draw is not to not eat animal protein but to eat less than 5% of our calories in this form. A wonderful book called Catching Fire describes 2m years of cooking and eating. It establishes that our species is not a vegan species. If it was not our consumption of omega 3 rich fish from the second deepest lake sited in the rift valley 190,000 years ago (omitted from the book) it is unlikely our brains would have evolved beyond that of home erectus.

  4. Nora Gedgaudas, CN addresses Campbell’s research in her new book “Primal Body – Primal Mind.” To me her book offers the clearest insight into what our body needs to remain vibrant and disease free I’ve seen to date.

  5. Since reading the China Study last year and also studying Dr. Moss’s compilation of data on my cancer type, I don’t think I could have been guided better by two great thinkers, analysts, or researchers than you both. Great you are getting together somewhere besides in my brain. Would love to hear more on Dr. Campbell’s statements that supplements are unresearched. I agree with him after reading the China Study and am not taking any. I appreciate also Dr. Moss’s suggestion I go to Dr. Block’s clinic in Evanston to find an oncologist on the leading edge. Thank you for being willing to take the heat from the establishment so we could benefit and make choices for life with science to back us up. I cried through many of the chapters in the China Study–so amazing that we could be ignorant and injuring children and others with our brainwashing. I now see life as a simple and beautiful array of healing everywhere, in every vegetable and fruit, in the sunshine and clean water, in fresh air and friendship.

  6. Dr Moss – Having read both Campbell’s book and the criticism of his research interpretations I would be most grateful to read your findings on this as I am still unsure on this issue – I look forward to your comments.

  7. Are you folks aware of the work of Prof Jane Plant, a survivor of multiple occurrences of breast cancer, who views the avoidance of dairy products as the key factor in her survival? Her book, Your Life in Your Hands, is written in a style that mixes her personal story with more scientific observations. I find it a bit irritating, but it probably adapts the book better to its target market. From memory, it came out in the UK early in this century, and there are subsequent follow-ups that I have not had the opportunity to read. I note that it’s available on in North America.

  8. Here are two more references for the science behind the blood type/genotype diet, provided by Dr. D’Adamo

  9. There certainly seem to be sufficient strong pointers towards the mountain of (denatured and hormone stacked) dairy and red meat consumed in the west as something to be questioned seriously if we want to improve our chances of avoiding cancer. Even Prof Jonathan Waxman – scourge of ‘snake oil salesmen’ in the UK – recently said in a Q&A: ‘I think the biggest environmental problem is actually diet and now that smoking is on the decline with only about 19 or 20% of the population who smoke, there is such clear evidence – you end up being thought of as a crank – but there is such clear evidence that if you are a vegetarian your risk of getting breast or prostate cancer is reduced by 50%. So you know, that’s it, take it or leave it!.” The momentum of the meat and dairy industry is a tough call to counter, but the public really need to be informed about what is known in this field so they can make up their own mind. This high profile headline involving President Clinton and Colin Campbell is extremely valuable in helping open the public’s eyes to the ‘drug-based fix’ culture they have been lured into, and the almost total lack of interest in exposing the underlying causes of the relentless cancer statistics.

  10. And don’t forget about the information in the book “Enzyme Nutrition” written by Dr. Edward Howell.
    We get caught up in the vegan discussion, and sometimes forget about the RAW discussion! One thing is for sure…..the Japanese and Mediterranean populations do not eat a vegan diet……..

  11. Dr. Moss,
    Thank you for all your research. Nobody else seems to be working so comprehensively with such objectivity and thoroughness.
    Dr. Campbell seems to be one of many great scientists who sometimes do major mistakes driven and blinded by their zeal to prove their beliefs. (As many modern physicists say the observer affects the object observed.)
    How common was cancer among meat eaters before the industrial revolution and long before that among hunter-gatherers who ate mostly raw meat? There are so many varieties for just beef alone (raw, grass-fed, typical commercial, etc.), it’s difficult to conclude anything without adequate and long-term research.
    What about the modern meat-eaters who live to be 100 or more cancer-free?
    Good luck with your investigation?

  12. Wishing you the best in your investigation into the relationship between eating plant-based WHOLE foods (I suppose a vegan could be someone living on potato chips and coke) and disease. This is not an easy undertaking. First, it is easy for researchers to skew or interpret data to favor their or their financial backers interests. And second, it is natural to favor information that supports the views we hold at any given time in life, especially if they happen to favor our own bad habits. Good luck!

  13. I find all of your comments very interesting. I just lost my beloved husband in October from cancer. Cancer (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) that was caused by treatment for stage I diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. It seems that everyone I talk to that has had a loved one die of cancer, and they were the caregiver, agrees that the standard treatment for all cancers is not working and has not worked for over 50 plus years. Why is the population letting those in control get away with killing our loved ones by experimenting on them with toxic drugs, radiation, etc.? Cancer research is a hugh money making industry that even our government is involved in. I am convinced that a cure can be found and within a few years. I have done extensive research while watching my beloved husband go through so called treatment. He was in remission between cancers for just 18 months. If we had only done our research prior to him getting cancer. But one does not really know about these things until cancer hits. It is up to the care givers of our loved ones that have died to demand change. We have very intelligent men and women who know that standard treatments are not working. But the “establishment” has money and fear on their side. Most, if not all, alternative treatments are shot down. How about looking at the immune system. Standard treatment only makes ones immune system weaker not stronger to fight cancer. How about more research on the Natural Killer Cells, MGN-3, diet and possible the lack of (Maybe) Vit. K. Most doctors I have spoken to will not even touch the subject of vit. K. They don’t want to loose their licenses. I am not highly educated but I would like to suggest some of our top educated people stand up and be heard. People like Dr. Stan Burzynski; Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, Fr. James Forsythe and of course Andrew Weil, M.D. just to name a few. Even doctors that have been run out of our country because of there views. I would stand up and support all of these people. This insanity needs to stop. Over 50 years treating cancer with the traditional method is just not working. Thank you Ralph Moss for all of your research. Keep it up and I will continue to pray that this cancer epidemic will come to an end in my life time. Hurry as I am 63 years old.

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