Posted by: themossreports | December 17, 2010

Two nice testimonials

I just received two very nice testimonials from phone consultation clients. I thought I would share them with my blog readers:

“Thank you, Dr Moss, You just made our life a lot less complicated. Since my cancer returned, my wife and I have been researching alternative treatments in this country as well Mexico and Europe. After months of trying to investigate on our own things became confusing and overwhelming. Dr Moss gave us just what we needed. We were very impressed not with just his knowledge of alternative protocols but his insights into many of the cancer clinics around the world was outstanding.” –J.D., Dec. 9, 2010.

And here’s a second one:

“I’ve just had my third consultation with Dr. Moss. Not necessarily because anything new has come up but because my doctor recommended a new drug. I feel much better knowing that Dr. Moss has done the research and is able to give me an unbiased opinion as to the safety and efficacy of the drug in question. In addition, his vast knowledge regarding complimentary and alternative medicine, diet and supplements has helped clarify a very confusing and contradictory subject. I would, without reservation, advise any patient who is facing decisions about cancer treatment, to have a consult with Dr. Moss in order to navigate these very murky and many times uncharted waters.” –A.M., Dec. 11, 2010.


  1. Dr. Moss,
    When I became a [XXX] representative, someone gave me a link to your reports. I have been passing those reports on to others–some my JP+ customers and some not–for several years. Over the years I have noticed that I am hearing more and more about people who have cancerous nodules on their thyroid. Do you have any information about whether this is a growing cancer occurance, as it seems to me; and any theory about why this is occuring and what options someone may have in treatment? A dear friend of our has just had a nodule and 1/2 of his thyroid removed. There was cancer found, only in the nodule, and the doctors plan to remove the rest of the thyroid in about two weeks. I would appreciate any information that would explain this cancer and what could be done nutritionally or otherwise to avoid it. Many of those I have heard about or known were in their mid-forties and very active people. Thank you for your work in cancer treatment options.

  2. Having recently lost my sister-in-law to colon cancer, a school mate from a brain tumor and other friends recently to cancer and now a friend that has just been diagnosed, it is such a wonderful blessing I believe to have found Dr. Moss and his great contribution in making sense of the vast sea of information out there pertaining to conventional and alternative treatments. I have always believed that there were options out there for people dealing with this dreadful disease but felt that I could not share what I had read or heard, who was I to suggest they investigate, so I remained silent, I just didn’t know how to approach this sensitive , emotional subject. But thankfully, out of compassion, I have somewhere I can point them with the utmost of confidence that I have done the right and loving thing. I shall continue to pray for our Lord to bless and care for all the cancer patients that must walk this walk. Thankyou Dr. Moss, your service is invaluable, a true calling, that I am sure you have great passion for.

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